Snakeskin Soles

by Sophie Brown

I have always had a thing for snake skin shoes, they just charm me every time, pulling me over to their shelf and marching me to the till with them in hand. There is an old school glamorous allure to them and also a modern versatility depending on what style of shoe you go for. I see them as a more interesting neutral option than a metallic or a black or white shoe,  I wouldn't hesitate in pairing them with many things.  My favourite Mossy wears a pair in the pic below and as you can see they just add a splash of cool to any outfit. I have currently two pairs in my wardrobe, both by H&M. One pair is pretty bashed in due to wearing them any chance I get and the fresher looking pair of strappy sandals (only 25 quid I may add) are new and ready to roll. I have got a nice navy blue off the shoulder dress that I am mentally teaming them up with already. Also I have to add none of them are real snake skin as I am against that kind of malarky. Fake all the way!