by Sophie Brown

I can't remember how I first discovered Camille Rowe. I think she was the cover of one of my Pinterest boards, all messy hair and shaggy coat. Discovery story aside, I have slavishly followed her Instagram feed for a while, @fingermonkey if you want to join me at the altar of Rowe, and love her Parisian/LA fusion of whimsical, vintage, rock n roll dressing. Being born to an American model/dancer mother and a French restaurateur was always going to result in an effortlessly cool offspring though wasn't it? Forever rooted in the 70's spirit , she wears denim like no other mixed with vintage tees and Bowi-esque platforms. Often seen parading a Birkin style wicker basket paired with a vintage jacket that you just know could tell a thousand stories, or the simplest of slip dresses, her sexiness is subtle yet potent. Her perfectly manicured nails combined with messy locks representing the groomed Parisian and relaxed Californian genetic combination that makes her rather unique.  She is the ultimate vintage shopping buddy and I won't even print the lengths I would go to, to raid her wardrobe.